Rapid Weight Loss Detox Powder

(87 customer reviews)


Rapid Weight Loss Detox Powder


The Rapid Weight Loss Detox Powder Includes natural herbs such as Garcinia Cambogia which is scientifically proven to boost metabolism & support better digestive function. Visible full body’s weight loss in 14 days.

(87 customer reviews)

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14 Days Real Results With Herbal Ingredients

Main ingredients of the Rapid Weight Loss Detox are Garcinia cambogia, Nigella sativa seeds, Linum usitatissimum seeds, Anise seeds, Foeniculum vulgare seeds, Cardamom, Fenugreek seeds, and Pumpkin Seeds.

Weight Loss Powder by Shifa Gah

How does it work?

Garcinia Cambogia is scientifically proven to support better digestive function, boosts metabolism, improve digestion and fight the flab. These factors lead to significant and visible weight loss within 14 days.


How to use?

Use in the morning before breakfast or any other first meal. Take one full teaspoon with 1 full lukewarm glass of water. Use once a day daily. Our customers lose 8 to 10 pounds within the first month of use. Use the product daily with balanced diet for quick results.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 62 × 56 × 12 cm

87 reviews for Rapid Weight Loss Detox Powder

  1. Avatar

    Salma Turab

    very happy with the quality and results of the product. Highly recommended 🙂

  2. Avatar


    Amazing results just so so happy with the detox powder

  3. Avatar

    Mrs Samar

    Excellent product. This has changed my life. I had gained many kilos after pregnany but this product has helped me really reduce so much weight

  4. Avatar

    Sana azher

    sub sey pehle meri sis ne buy kiya tha uskey result dekh ker mainay decide kia order karne ka. i was convined after see her results but now i am so much happy

  5. Avatar

    Mariyam Mansoori

    this is the best natural weight loss product out there. My friend recommended it to me and I am so happy I decided to buy it. Best product!

  6. Avatar

    Zara Ali

    Used it one month before my wedding and it helped me reduce 16 kgs. I went from 82 to 66 in just 30 days. I felt no side effects. My target is 56 Kgs

  7. Avatar

    Rizwan Mehmood

    highly recommended!!!

  8. Avatar

    Huma Asgher

    I was hesitant to order this but gave it a shot. To my surprise, it really worked. Shifa gah products are truly amazing. I think they should make something for hair growth too

  9. Avatar

    Bina Khattak

    Very happy with the results but delivery took 4 days. it should be just 2 days

  10. Avatar

    Sara Zaidi

    I lost 8 kgs within the first three weeks of using this product. I didn’t change my diet at all or did any exercise It definitely helps!

  11. Avatar

    Huma Ijlal

    Excellent! this is best weight loss product realy

  12. Avatar


    mein heran hun results dekh ker ghar mein subne feel kia hai k meiney weight lose kia hai without exrcise, really good

  13. Avatar


    bote he kemal prodct hai meine 2 bottle use ke hein great reslts

  14. Avatar

    Samra Khan

    bus meine yeh kehna tha k apka detox powder kafi effetive hai, mujey waqai mein kafi change feel horaha ahi, boht acha hai, insan ko isko bus rozana subah use karna chaheeye yeh waisey bhi health k liye boht acha hai.. mein phir order krongi aur apki delivery boht quick hai, very good

  15. Avatar

    Saima Khalid

    I felt a visible change. very effective powder. I have used after my c section and saw the result after 10th day, i was not dieting neither exercise but it helped in most tough areas like belly and thighs. thank you for creating such an amazing product

  16. Avatar

    Salma Hassan

    Excellent product. Using my first bottle and loving the results. So far I lost 7 Kgs without exercise 😀

  17. Avatar

    Huma Afzal

    Product is very good no doubt about it. use it daily in the morning as prescribed. the taste is good and easy to swallow. Just take it with water. the only bad thing is the delivery took 6 days.

  18. Avatar


    Es ka koi side effect nh ha. Meine bus oily foods se avoid kia tha acha khasa lose kia hai meiney

  19. Avatar


    Hope for the best 🤞

  20. Avatar


    Just purchased it yesterday now hoping for the best 🙂

  21. Avatar

    Imran Sikander

    Love this product I’ve been taking for 3 weeks and I’ve lost 7kgs. Will definitely purchase more in the near future.

  22. Avatar

    Kaneez Imran


  23. Avatar

    Mariyam Ikram

    Have started using from today. Till now not feeling hungry etc. Fingers cross for its results.

  24. Avatar

    Raheema Javed

    Really happy with results

  25. Avatar


    Alhmdullilah lost 3 kgs in 14 days So happiii

  26. Avatar


    I ordered it 20 days back, it works!

  27. Avatar

    Amina Daud

    All my digestion problems are solved and i have reduced 4 kg n 3 inches in 9 days. Very happy so far

  28. Avatar


    مجے دوبارہ آرڈر کرنا ہے،آخری بوتل سے ١٥ کلو کم کیا وزن

  29. Avatar

    Ayesha S

    so far so good 👌

  30. Avatar


    Just receive my parcel… Thumbs up for delivery within 2 days… Lets see how genuine is the product..

  31. Avatar

    Saman Raza

    Excellent 👌

  32. Avatar


    good product, digestion problems all solved clear difference in weight

  33. Avatar

    fatima syed

    I used it for 30 days, and saw real results, it felt like real weight being lost I guess this product is the only reason. I suggest all the buyers to try it at least once, it is really good.

  34. Avatar


    Anybody plz tell kya yeh detox diet k bger work krega as i have 3 childs unky kaam aur ghr k kam krne k bad i eat too much

  35. Avatar

    Sana Faisal

    I hv started using it from 2day hope for the best …will surely gv my reviews after 2 weekss🙂🤞

  36. Avatar

    Hifza Junaidullah

    Hey I have been using yout detox since first ramadan. Though neither I exercised nor avoided much junk food but still it works. Now I am using it serously with no junk food and exercise and inshaAllah I’ll achieve my taregt on Eid as I need not to lose much weight! I’m glad to bought this amazing product. I’ll recommend this to others. JazakAllah

  37. Avatar

    Bina Khan

    Excellent miracle product!

  38. Avatar

    Sidra haq

    The flavor is superb (i though it would be horrible but its really not) and it is super easy to use! I am very impressed with the product 🙂 I did feel energized after taking it and felt no hunger for a long time. I believe it’s the fact they add herbs which I appreciate as well. Fully recommended!! 💕👍

  39. Avatar

    Iqra Husnain

    i ordered ten days ago, not delivered so far.. poor service

  40. Avatar


    lost 11 kgs with one bottle,,, superb product

  41. Avatar

    Sabahat ikram

    literally lost 7 KGS in just one month with no exercise or diet. ordering again today

  42. Avatar


    i want to order again but it is out of stock

  43. Avatar

    Ghanyya Asad

    Bohot achi product hai for weight loss sath thora diet control rkhen or ye use kren to wakie one month mai clear results atay hain. Highly recommended!!

  44. Avatar

    Syed waqif hussain naqvi

    Ap mujh btye gay kon se stupid person ka number ap ne what’s up pe dala hai jo na reply karta hai na messenger pe answer karta itni bakwas service mujh order karye hyue itne din ho gaye hain order number 2418 hai kab aye ga ye hai ap ki service ye customer dilling really disappoint

  45. Avatar

    Yashfeen khan

    میں نے ١٠ کلو کم کیا ہے ایک بوتل سے …. برے کمال کا پاؤڈر ہے

  46. Avatar

    Maleeha shahid

    Today(30.7.2019) i had received my order will start from tomorrow, hoping for the best.

  47. Avatar


    lost 4 kgs within 16 days of use. the quantity is good but not enough for 30 days as promised. I think I will have to buy another bottle in one week

  48. Avatar


    Yes, its work thnkyou, I will post another comment in in 2 weeks more. My weight was 98. My First week i lost 2 then the second week lost 6. So so far i lost 8 kgs which is very good. I feel light and energetic, definetly I buy more now, and I dont do exercise. Thnkyou..

  49. Avatar

    Aqsa Anjum

    Shifa gah salam … I want to order again am other jar

    5kg loose huwa hao one month me shiga im happy ek or jar le kr chl karna chati hun…

  50. Avatar

    Hafsa Wadood

    lost 14 KGs with two bottles. will order more after eid break INSH ALLAH

  51. Avatar

    Areesha Ilyas

    Within the first couple of days I noticed a huge difference! My stomach wasn’t upset or anything (I was scared it will upset my stomach but it didn’t). In fact, it helped me with my constipation. I lost a total of 7 kgs and there is a clear difference in appearance.

  52. Avatar

    Shaheena Yousuf

    lost 11 kgs in one month. im stunned honestly i feel so good. believe me this is not a paid review i honestly lost this much weight. Yes i did a little bit of exercise and controled my diet but detox powder is amazing. it is magical

  53. Avatar

    Dr kainat

    I want to recommend it because i felt it helped my belly fat(waist) to reduce. Its my 3rd bottle now. Plus even i am on NO DIET days. Since 2 months. It helped me maintaining weight. Nd didnt increase a bit 😍

  54. Avatar


    Best natural weight loss product without any side effects, highly recommend 👍🏻

  55. Avatar


    Good job

  56. Avatar


    This is an excellent product…

  57. Avatar


    I used it for a week and watched my diet too. It has worked for me so far.

  58. Avatar


    I have used this… I was sacred if this really works or not and if there are any side effects??? But I purchased because of all the reviews.. THANK GOD am losing weight now its a miracle… thank you shefa ga

  59. Avatar

    Sheraz Naveed

    full paisa wasool.. lost 8 kgs in one mnth with one jar.. great ive orderd two jars..

  60. Avatar


    It’s being a wonderful experience of using ur detox . No side effects. Excellent quality and easy to use .
    Visible results of losing 10 kgs with the first bottle
    Everyone admires my weight loss
    I hv lost 10 kgs in a month with 1 bottle. Nd more kgs down to go ..

  61. Avatar


    It’s being a wonderful experience of using ur detox . No side effects. Excellent quality and easy to use .
    Visible results of losing 10 kgs with the first bottle
    Everyone admires my weight loss
    I hv lost 10 kgs in a month with 1 bottle. Nd more kgs down to go.

  62. Avatar

    Hafsa Naveed

    Ordered it for my mother *satisfied*

  63. Avatar


    Amazing product and excellent costumer care!

  64. Avatar

    Jawaria Rana Jabbar

    I buy this weight loss product and it’s result very amazing in just 15 days I lost more than 3 kg it’s Help ma so much I’m thank to you to lounge this product ❤️

  65. Avatar

    Ayat Zaidi

    It’s being a wonderful experience of using ur detox . No side effects. Excellent quality and easy to use . Visible results of losing 08 kgs with the first bottle. Highly recommended👍🏻

  66. Avatar


    I lost 4 to 5 kgs with half bottle. It is good for digestion as well. I did not feel any side effect. Highly recommended.

  67. Avatar


    mujhe bhi mangana he bht tarif suni he

  68. Avatar

    unsa noor

    i haven’t use this product… but soon gonna use , so excited after reading and watching all the reviews – hope for the best 🔥💚

  69. Avatar

    Bushra ahmed

    Just amazing
    18days me 3 kg kam hua without diet exercise
    Bs roz 45 min walk or detox powder
    Real shifa for me stay blessed n happy ❣

  70. Avatar


    this product really worths , the best thing about this are its natural ingredients , so its definately recommended to use ..

  71. Avatar

    Nazle Rehman

    lost 6.5 kgs with one bottle in 26 days. Really hapy with results

  72. Avatar


    Such an amazing product. As I don’t have time for exercise but still have lost my belly fat with some dieting. Soon will start with the second bottle.

  73. Avatar


    Mujye ek week hogaya hai shifa gah use krty howe or mujye results feel ho rahay 😍😍 ❤️❤️

  74. Avatar

    Sana owais

    Mai ny diet and exercise nahi ki but isky bawajod belly fat kafi reduce hoa hai
    Looking forward to my second bottle. InshaAllah this time i ll continue with my diet and some exercise

  75. Avatar


    Mai ne weight check nai kia lekin faraq nazar ata hai boht is liye order kiya kafi br love ur product ♥️♥️👍👍

  76. Avatar

    Maryam Khalid

    Without exercise and tough diet control. Lost 5kgs but I am going to follow strict diet and exercise 4days a week at least ,this time around.

  77. Avatar


    I want to give review about ur product…….sorry phly time nh Mila mjy…. product is fab……..MRa shifa gah se y second product tha….and alhamdulliah alhamdulliah mjy mayuse nh Kiya is ny…………. koi khas exercise bh nh ki or na dieting…….and I lost again 5 kg weight……. miracle lgta hy ik trha se k itni juldi itna weight lose hona……and without any side effects……………….. Allah tala apko or kmyabi ata kry or ap ise trha dsro ki mushkil weight wali solve krty rehy…..thnkuuu so much shifa gah……thankuuuuuu

  78. Avatar


    Aoa,I want to review your weight loss detox powder.I has worked as a miracle for me. I was patient of PCOS with very irregular menstrual cycle. It has really helped me in regularizing my menstrual cycle.Some miracle ingredients are in this powder.I have lost weight too.I hight recommend your product to patient of PCOS. God bless you

  79. Avatar


    Mera weight stuck o gyaa thaa m ny bht kch kiya bht strict diet ki but kam ni o raha thaa r shifa gah use krny k bd meraa weight 5 kg lose huwa h
    Amazing product ♥️

  80. Avatar

    Sidra Bashir

    Hlw sister 😍 shifa gah waqai bhttt zabrdst chez hai month hogya khaty hoy or me na diet kr rhi na exercise but isy kafiii ziada weight lose hwa meri chin itni bhr thi mjy bht tnsn hoti thi k shyd ab meri kbhi khtm ni hogi chin but Allah ka shkr iski waja sy itnaa fark para k jawline show hony lag gai thank you sooo muucchhhhh ❤❤❤❤❤ Allah orr b bhttt sari barkat daly apk kam ameen or bhttt kamyab ho ap ameen 😍😍😍😍😍

  81. Avatar


    this herbal product helped me alot in losing my weight and most importantly my stomach srinks alot alhumdulillah.i lost alhumdulillah 14 kgs with 2 bottles.3 months❤

  82. Avatar

    Mrs zeeshan

    Mera almost 10 kg weight loss howa hai and bht sari degistive problems khatam hogayi …so amazing product …mai nai nihaar mu bhi use kiya hai aur khanay kai 5 hours baad bhi ,mera weight loss ni hota ta bht diet kiya medical issues ki waja sai ni hota ta severe sai severe diet ki but nahe hota t mai nai apni diet bhi jari rakhi aur ye magical powder bhi use kiya , sirf junk food avoid kre ya month mai aik baar khaye wo bhi ghar a bana howa baqi parata ,rice ap kha sakty hu just avoid junk food and use this powder daily like medicine…thank u so much shifa gah ..much respect

  83. Avatar


    Jb meny detox botel rcv ki t meny khaa tha expensive h and y Kya karega…
    Bt meny 12 days m 2 kg weight loss kiya h,and 3rd c section k bad meri abdominal skin bht loos hogai thi Jo k impossible tha shape m Lana bt slow slow Meri abdominal skin shape m aarahi h, thighs and all extra fat+skin sb reduce horaha h..
    It’s safe+herbal+magical h meny koi diet plan nh Kiya na e exercise…Amazing Allah bless you

  84. Avatar


    Jb meny detox botel rcv ki t meny khaa tha expensive h and y Kya karega…
    Bt meny 12 days m 2 kg weight loss kiya h,and 3rd c section k bad meri abdominal skin bht loos hogai thi Jo k impossible tha shape m Lana bt slow slow Meri abdominal skin shape m aarahi h, thighs and all extra fat+skin sb reduce horaha h..
    It’s safe+herbal+magical h meny koi diet plan nh Kiya na e exercise…Amazing Allah bless you

  85. Avatar


    Hello this has been really helpful as i managed to drop 5kgs within 1 bottle
    this product is magic I used to take it in the morning frist thing in monin it was very simple to use all i did was put one Teaspoon with luke warm water
    I have used it for 25 days and benefited sooo soo much thanks shifa gah❤️

  86. Avatar


    Totally worth it. I used it for 2 months with a regular workout routine and controlled my diet as well. Achieved my targeted weight. Fortunately, this is totally worth the money, it was money well spent.

  87. Avatar

    Ume Habiba

    kya hum isko weight lose k baad le skte hen., mera weight achieve hogaya hai iss se but i want to continue kionke ye boht acha hai., very good taste too,

    • Avatar


      Yes maam you can use it

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