Effective in PCOs?

There is a myth that women cannot lose with PCOs. This is not true. Play the video and hear the weight loss expert tell you why Shifa Gah Weight Loss Detox helps you lose weight even with PCOs. Because of its ingredients, the weight loss detox is the perfect product to lose weight!


Here’s a video of our customer who lost 10 KGs with just 1 bottle in 40 days. The review is from a real user. We do not post fake reviews. All our reviews from real users of the product. Enjoy 🙂


Shifa Gah Weight Loss Detox is made with 100% Herbal ingredients. It does not contain any steroids or chemicals. Use the powder knowing you are consuming approved ingredients that are safe and healthy for you to take. The ingredients are known worldwide to aid weight loss.

More Results?

Here are some more videos of real users who used the Detox Powder and lost weight. Alhamdullilah for all the reviews from our users. We are eternally grateful for your support and feedback. Thank you